Handy Tips for clean windows

A lot of people ask us how we get such stubborn saints off of their windows and virous PVC frames, sills and cladding. Well the trade secret is a product called UBIC2000, its widely available on the internet so you shouldn’t struggle to find it. All you have to do is dilute the UBIC2000 concentrate with water, apply to the area which needs cleaning and leave for a minute. After… Read More »Handy Tips for clean windows

Get those dirty windows from Storm Eunice cleaned

Storm Eunice has battered Brighton and Hove and beyond, after a red warning was issued for Southern England for high winds. While many in exposed areas have had fencing destroyed, and roofing or guttering blown off, everyone is going to be left with dirty windows from Storm Eunice. Which comparatively speaking is an easy fix with an abundance of window cleaning services such as ourselves, but isn’t the nicest element… Read More »Get those dirty windows from Storm Eunice cleaned