Why do gutters need cleaning?

Blocked gutters can cause rainwater to overflow and run down the walls.

Gutter clearing is an important part of maintaining your home. Failing to appropriately clean gutters can lead to a number of problems that will make your home less appealing, such as water sensitivity, mould growth, and excess debris.

Of course, you might be able to take care of it yourself. But for those high jobs — like clearing out clogs from second story rain gutters — we recommend hiring a professional for the job, in fact, we are qualified gutter cleaning services in your area.

Calling a professional to clean out your gutters may seem like a frivolous expense, but it’s actually essential to protect the walls of your home. If you’ve just had new gutters installed or are planning on buying new gutters, consider having the old ones cleaned as part of the installation process.

Cleaning gutters regularly keeps them working properly, ensuring that water flows freely down any walls or foundation to help prevent any mould or mildew growth. A clog somewhere along the line can lead to serious issues with your home’s exterior and should be dealt with promptly.

That doesn’t mean you have to climb up on your roof and clean out the gutters yourself, though. Our gutter cleaning professionals can do the hard work for you, making sure your home stays clean and safe.

Gutter clearing service

We clean and clear gutters in the Brighton and Hove area including Withdean, Westdene, Patcham, Hangleton, Portslade, Southwick, Aldrington, and Shoreham.

Signs Your Gutters Need To Be Cleaned Professionally 

Below are some of the most common signs that it’s time to have your gutters serviced. If you notice any of these, give us a call for a free quote.

Rain Gutters Leaking — New rain gutters should never leak, but sometimes if they’ve been installed for a while, they can start to crack or may need to be tightened up. A professional gutter cleaning service will check the condition of your rain gutters and repair them if necessary.

— Sometimes, despite the best efforts of your gutters, water still manages to overflow over the top. Professional gutter cleaners will be able to identify where the clog is in your rain gutters and clear it out for you. Sags — Installed on your roof, rain gutters are supported by sturdy brackets that help keep them properly attached. If those brackets become loose or rusty and don’t hold up your gutters, they could sag from their position on the roof and create a hazard for people walking below.

What happens if you don’t clean your gutters?

Gutters are designed to channel water away from your home’s foundation and out of sight. However, if they get clogged with debris or are just not properly maintained, gutter cleaning services will begin to overflow. This can lead to a number of problems for your house’s exterior, including:

Mould growth — Excess water in the gutters can lead to mould growing on your home’s siding and paint, especially if you have more than one story.

Cracked foundation — Overflowing water can begin to seep into your home’s foundation and cause cracks. This can be an expensive repair, so it’s best to take care of your gutters as soon as possible.

Water damage — Watering down the exterior of your house can lead to water damage on the inside of your home. A leaky roof, for instance, will eventually cause the drywall in a room to become moist and mouldy. This can even lead to the growth of mould inside your walls, which is a dangerous issue to have in your home.

Thinking about hiring a professional gutter cleaning company?

It’s safe to say that if you don’t take care of your gutters, they’ll eventually begin to show signs of wear and tear. Over time, water will begin to leak because of this wear and tear or because you didn’t properly clean them out when they should have been cleaned.

Is gutter cleaning necessary?

While it is possible to clean the gutters yourself, it’s often a better idea to hire an expert gutter cleaning company in order to avoid any potential mistakes that could lead to bigger problems. Professional companies usually have equipment that makes cleaning your gutters easier and ensure all debris is properly disposed of. In addition, they can quickly and easily identify clogs or other issues with your gutters that could lead to damage if left alone.

How often do gutters need to be cleaned?

In general, gutter cleaning services recommend you clean your gutters at least two or three times per year. The more trees and shrubs you have surrounding your home, the more often you’ll need to have your gutters cleaned to avoid clogs and problems. If you just have a single story, your gutters probably won’t need to be cleaned as often as someone with a multi-story home.

To keep water away from your roof, make sure that you have properly maintained gutters. If you have more trees or shrubs in your yard, consult with a professional gutter cleaning company to see how often you’ll need to clean them.