Clean Finish Window cleaning service.

We have invested in top of the range equipment to deliver our customers the best window cleaning service possible.

The majority of our window cleaning service is delivered using a pure water fed pole method.

We do have the capability of cleaning windows traditionally and we choose to use this option for cleaning our local shop fronts but for domestic window cleaning we strongly recommend using the pure water fed pole.

Why is this?

This is because using the pole system with a brush head allows us to clean all aspects of your windows. It also allows us to clean windows that could not be cleaned by hand, such as windows above conservatories, velux windows and dormer windows.

The majority of traditional window cleaners will only clean the glass, applying soapy water then using a squeegee to clean it off. This will clean the glass but the frames, sills and doors remain dirty.

Using a brush head allows us to clean the glass, frames, sills and your doors. This is what really makes your windows look clean because all parts of your window have now been cleaned!

What is pure water?

Pure water is created by tap water entering our filtration system. This is the process of reverse osmosis. The water is then turned to pure.

A reverse osmosis system removes dissolved solids like arsenic and fluoride through the RO membrane. An RO system also includes sediment and carbon filtration for a broad spectrum of reduction. The carbon filters in an RO system remove chlorine and bad taste and odors, and the sediment filter removes dirt and debris.

As a result of this process, pure water is created. We regular test our water and have a TDS reading of zero. This means our water is completely pure.

We start by scrubbing your windows and doors with our brush head. Our telescopic poles extend up to 40 ft allowing us to reach all of your windows.

Pure water comes out of the brush head as we scrub the windows and doors removing the algae, bird excrement and dirt.

We then slowly rinse the window starting at the top and working our way down the the bottom. This washes away the dirt. As the water is pure it then evaporates and leaves your windows and doors gleaming.

We finish by wiping down all of your sills.

Do you have hard water stains on your windows? Are you just too busy to do the job yourself? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then we can help. Clean Finish Window Cleaning is a local window cleaning service that has been in business for nearly two years. We provide the highest level of service at the most affordable price.

If you’ve ever had to clean your windows, you know just how much of a pain it can be. Windex may be an easy solution, but it is also an expensive one. If you’re looking to save money and time on cleaning your windows, it might be time to consider hiring a window cleaning service. At Clean Finish Window Cleaning, we are dedicated to making sure that you are happy with our service. Call us today to find out more about how we can improve your home’s appearance by cleaning your windows.

Professional Window Cleaning Service

Clean Finish window cleaning has been cleaning windows in the area for the past 10 years. When our clients come to us, they know they will get the best quality work done by our friendly and professional staff.

clean finish window cleaning

This service offers the best window cleaning available. Customers can use it to clean windows at their home or business by scheduling appointments online.

Our window cleaning service is designed to provide high quality results on windows around your home. Our company provides a professional and courteous service at a competitive rate.

We are a window cleaning company based in the UK. We have been in business for several years and are known in the area for being very reliable and professional. We can provide a variety of other services: gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and deck washing.

Our special blend of natural cleaning solutions makes our service the best in the area. We clean all types of windows. We provide insurance-covered services, including the replacement of broken glass.

A high-quality window cleaning service, clean finish window cleaning can help you keep your windows sparkling clean.

We’ll make your windows shine by using professional grade cleaners and the best window cleaning techniques.

Clean Finish Window Cleaning is a professional window cleaning company based in Cumbria. We pride ourselves on providing a first class service to our customers. Our fully trained and dedicated window cleaners will leave your windows sparkling clean.

For a clean finish, call us today. We offer a wide range of window cleaning services including power washing, caulking, and more. We use the best products in the industry and our experienced window cleaners will make sure your windows will sparkle!

We are a window cleaning company that has been serving our clients for many years. We clean windows with eco-friendly products and our clients love the clean finish that we give them.

We clean windows so you don’t have to. Whether you want us to come in weekly, once a month, or just once every couple of months, we’ll take good care of your windows, blinds, and screens for an all-around cleaner home.

Exceptional customer service, professional workmanship and reasonable prices! Clean finish window cleaning provides high quality residential and commercial window cleaning services in the UK. We use eco-friendly biodegradable cleaning products for all our jobs.

Water fed window cleaning pole

If your windows are dirty or dusty, your place doesn’t look as neat and fresh as it could.  With Clean Finish, you can get your windows spotlessly clean in no time at all.  We come to you and bring everything we need to make your windows sparkle, and we always leave everything clean and tidy.  We can work around your schedule, so you don’t even have to close down your business.  We’re happy to provide a free quote for any of our services, so give us a call today.

The cleaning experts at Clean Finish Window Cleaning have been providing expert window cleaning services to residential and commercial customers since 1992. We offer a wide range of window cleaning and maintenance services that are all tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

A professional, environmentally-friendly window cleaner that cleans your windows without streaking, without smearing, and without damaging your home.

We offer highly effective window cleaning of residential and commercial windows to help you look your best and let fresh air in. Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly, and we use squeegees and ladders to reach windows without the need for dangerous chemicals.

Window cleaning can be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be. A clean finish window cleaning service can make window cleaning quick and easy.

Our window cleaning service is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to keep your windows sparkling all year long. Experience an entire team of trained professionals from the moment you request an appointment to the moment your job is done.

Our window cleaning service is thorough, affordable and can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly!

Keep your windows full of light and your home looking great with our option of window cleaning services. We offer flexible cleaning services to fit your personal schedule.

We use a low-pressure system that ensures no dirt or dust is blasted through the house, and we clean with 100% natural, environmentally friendly cleaning products. Our window cleaning service is the most reliable way to make your home sparkle.

Our window cleaning services will make your windows shine on the inside and out. We’ll scrub frames and sills and polish the glass until it’s crystal clear. And if you want your windows washed every month, no problem, we can do that too.

We are a premier window cleaning service in East Sussex. Our team of well-trained window cleaners use the most current and advanced glass cleaning technologies to get your windows sparkling clean. We are committed to the thorough cleaning of your windows and glass surfaces.

We work hard to provide the best quality home and office window cleaning possible. Our window cleaning service includes window washing, screens, tracks and sills. We are insured and bonded, and offer a variety of pricing and other packages to fit your needs.

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